Here I am!! I knew you were waiting to see my page.

Tiffy's Page

This is my story.

By the spring of 2002 I had hit absolute bottom. Things were looking pretty bleak. I was homeless and sick and had 3 sick little girls to take care of. That's when the Humane Society took us in. This is a picture of how we looked in April.

Since we were all sick, they sent us to a foster home in hopes that we would get better and could be adopted. Our foster parents were sooooo good to us. They did everything to help us get better. They got medicine for us and even set up a make-shift sauna to try to help my little girls get rid of the congestion...they were very sick. Only problem was they had 2 d*o*g*s and I was so afraid they might hurt my children...but my kids actually wanted to play with those things!! We finally got to feeling much better. Here we are around the end of May.

Then we had to go to the Humane Society shelter and see if anyone would adopt us. I hated to leave our foster parents but not those d*o*g*s. My precious little girls got adopted very quickly. I missed them at first but was glad they were getting good homes. As for me, well, I lived in this cage for almost 6 months before anyone realized what a wonderful cat I am.

They were good to me. I got food and it was warm and dry. Sometimes I got out to run around but I am a very active cat and I like to run and play a LOT! I got a little attention but there were soooo many of us.
Finally I was adopted! I don't know what took so long! I was the prettiest one!
November 10, 2002 was the big day! My new Mom took me home and let me out of the carrier. What a relief! I stretched and walked all over checking out the new place.

Seems there is a cat named Buddy living here already. That's cool. I'll share.
I decided this place is acceptable. So I made myself right at home.

I am busy all the time.
I have to help with the cooking.

I have to help with the dusting.

I have to help with the dishes.

I have to help change the beds.

I even had to help move the furniture.

But,the best part is......Next Page

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