Making the Syrup

My hosts for this part of the tour are Mr and Mrs Jirad Brown who own and operate this facility.
Brown's Riverside Farms, River Rd, Camden, NY 13316

The sap is brought here and stored in the shiny vat on the left until they have enough to boil.

When they have enough sap, they first run it through this machine that takes a lot of the water out of the sap. This is an important step that helps to save engery. The machine that boils the sap is fueled by regular heating oil and uses about 6 times the energy it takes to heat my house!!! So the more water they can take out before boiling, the less time it takes to boil, thus saving energy.

The next step is to run the sap under an ultra-violet light to kill any bacteria.

Now, into the huge boiling machine. This is computer regulated.

Through this window, you can look into the machine and see the sap boiling into syrup. Unfortunately, with the angle of the window and the steam inside, I wasn't able to get a picture of the boiling syrup.

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