New Mule
A man answered an ad in the paper for a mule FOR SALE at the monastery. The man was very impressed and purchased the mule. As he was leaving with the mule the monk told the buyer: "This mule is a religious mule, being raised here in the monastery. To get her to trot you just say, 'thank God.' If you wish her to gallop you say, 'thank God, thank God." And for real emergences you say, 'thank God, thank God, thank God.'" "Well, thank you very much," said the buyer, as he headed for the gate. "OH! One more thing. To get her to stop you say, 'amen'", the monk called to the man.
Well the man climbed on the back of the mule, and nudged her to get going. "Hey Ya!" The mule would not budge. "Giddy-yap!" Still nothing. Finally . . ."Thank God" The mule proceded to trot on down the road. The man figured he would see how good this mule really was. "Thank God Thank God" That man sure had a tough time staying in the saddle. After he got used to it he decided to see what this mule could really do. "Thank God, Thank God, Thank God" That mule flew down the road, faster than anything you have ever seen from an animal.. Up ahead the man noticed a wide precipice. With no bridge. He pulled on the reins in an attempt to get the mule to stop. It did not work. "WOAH!!" He called, still no response. "STOP!! HEAL!! AHHHH!" Still no response the mule just kept on going. At the last possible moment he remembers "AMEN!" The mule stops just a breath short of the ravine. The man glances over the mule's head looking deep into the gorge. He wipes his brow and says. "Whew! Thank God!"

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