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My Birthday

Finally, my birthday arrived. Hare-iette woke me early. She couldn't wait to give me her present...a whole dozen Krispy Kreme donuts. What a great birthday breakfast! I had 2, my Mom had 1, and Hare-iette had 3! How does she stay so slim? We saved 2 for my cousin who would be arriving later. I have NO idea who ate the rest.

My cousin came and took us to an early dinner. Hare-iette was thrilled to see the carousel! She got to ride into the restaurant.

Hare-iette waited patiently for us to be seated.

I went to another table to talk to someone and when I got back the drinks had arrived. What is in Hare-iette's glass??? Since when do they put cherries in iced tea?

Hare-iette was very anxious to ride the carousel again! The horse she picked to ride this time was more spirited than the first almost threw her!

We got home and relaxed and then had cake and ice cream.
Ah ha! Finally caught Mom feeding Cubby cake from the table.

Hare-iette had never seen a real live dog up close before. Patti explains to her what dogs are like.

It certainly was a nice birthday!
During the night I found Hare-iette holding Hoppy-Sue and reading to her. Seems the poor little one had an upset stomach. Guess now we know who ate those donuts. Hare-iette really is a sweet hare.

Early the next morning I found them both still in the chair, fast asleep.

A few days later was halloween.
Hare-iette had her costume all planned. She wanted to go as her hero. (I didn't know she had a hero) She went down in the cellar and came up an hour later dressed as the Easter Bunny! She had decorated an old basket, taken off her clothes, changed to a blue ribbon (because the Easter Bunny is a boy) and she had STARCHED her ears!!!!
I'm going to be up all night trying to get that starch out of her ears!
I asked her why the Easter Bunny is her hero. She said because he makes a lot of people happy.

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