The Hugging Bear Inn

Here we are! This is Aunt Georgette with her friend the worm.

He sure is a big worm, and really cute.

We had a different room this time. I think it might have been the koala room, because there are Koala bears there.

This room has a really big bed-bear.

When we got back from dinner, I got to play with my old friend, the hat bear, and few new friends.

There were even more bears on the stairs this time.

I was happy to see more bunnies this time too. I think maybe I had something to do with that. I mean, Aunt Georgette likes me, so maybe she decided she needed some more hares.

What Mom was looking forward to most, was sitting on the porch swing and relaxing. I was busy getting acquainted with the porch bears.

This fellow is so big he has to stay outside all year 'round. He doesn't mind because he has a bear fur coat. In bad weather, Aunt Georgette covers him so he doesn't get wet.

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