An Unplanned Trip

This is Hare-iette at the keyboard. I just have to tell you about our surprise trip. Mom really wanted to get away, so we and some friends had planned a major shopping trip to PA. At the last minute the trip was cancelled. We were all packed and everything.

Mom was so disappointed. She called me over and asked me what I thought of just the two of us going to see Aunt Georgette in VT. I was delighted. I love to go to Aunt Georgette's. I don't really like shopping trips all that well anyway...but THIS was going to be great.

Next day, before we left, Mom changed the plan again. We were going to a teddy bear factory first, then to see Aunt Georgette. Fine by me. Have suitcase will travel. So off we went, heading northeast instead of the original plan to go south.

We stopped in Albany for lunch, a place called Grandma's Pie shop.

See that long list behind me? Well, that's a list of all the kinds of pies they have.

It took us until after dark to get to our motel in northern VT. Of course we spent a lot of time taking the wrong roads.

In the morning, we went to the Vermont Teddy Bear Factory.

While we waited for the tour to start, I made friends with this big fellow.

When the tour started we went through a door and saw this. It looked like an apartment building with a lot of bears looking out at us.

First our guide showed us the kind of bears they used to make, then the ones they make now.

Then we went into the factory itself. This is the actual place where all the bears are made. First the guide showed us the 4 different fabrics they use.

This chart shows the 20 parts that have to be cut from the fabric.

Click to see more about making a bear