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I had to go for an operation...not a serious one, but my I was scared. I really wanted Hare-iette to go with me but she's just too big. She decided she would send her oldest daughter, Hare-reen. Hare-reen is very mature and level-headed for her age..... except that she keeps eating the house plants.

The night before, Hare-iette sat down with Hare-reen and gave her complete instructions on how to take care of me and keep me from getting scared.

All went well and Hare-reen did a wonderful job. I was soon home. The hares were happy to see me and hopped all around me. Hare-iette shooed them away so I could rest.
Hare-iette found a nice place for the flowers and read the cards to me.

What a sweet hare! The second night I wasn't feeling too well and that sweet little hare sat up and read to me. I finally fell asleep thinking how lucky I was to have found her.

A couple of nights later, I woke up in the middle of the night and noticed a light on in the computer room. I tip-toed in and there was Hare-iette......
...playing online Blackjack...with MY CREDIT CARD!!!!!!!

I started to yell and Hare-iette reminded me not to bust my stitches.
She explained that the lawn mowing business is pretty slow this time of year and she needed money to buy me a birthday present so she was going to win some. Aw how sweet ....
Now, could I punish her for wanting to get me a birthday present? YUP! Grounded for the weekend!
Boy! Was she mad!

As it turned out, it wasn't much of a punishment because her middle daughter, Hare-lette, presented her with 5 grandchildren that weekend. She would have wanted to stay home and play with them anyway.
This is Hare-lette with Hoppy, Hippy, Happy, Nibbles and Thumper(the only boy).

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