The Christmas Season 2005

This is Hare-iette at the keyboard. Mom and I started the Christmas Season off with our annual Christmas get together with the collectors. We always look forward to this. I couldn't wait to show off my new Christmas dress. How in the world did I talk Mom into another new dress? I haven't outgrown last year's. Here I am, all ready to go. I must admit I look very pretty. (Mom says I'm not supposed to say that, tho.)

We met a Harbor Town Gifts, but it was too cold to stand around outside taking pictures. The ladies did some shopping, then we headed for the restaurant. You see Vicky, Kelley, Robin, Mom, me, Lynne and Gail. Aunt Renee was at the store, but couldn't stay for lunch.

I tried to get Mom to leave the table, so I could order one of my special iced teas, the kind with the cherry. It didn't work this time. However, I got crayons, a picture to color and gifts from the collectors.

Here are Lynne and Gail.

Here are Vicky and Kelley.

The Christmas tree in the restaurant was beautiful. Mom wanted to take it home, so she wouldn't have to put one up and trim it.

All of us, in front of the Christmas tree.

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