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Trip to Unadilla

My cousin has a birthday today. Hare-iette and I go to visit.

Hare-iette decides pumpkins would be a nice birthday present this time of year. She picks them out herself.

Big birthday hug!

The birthday cake is Hare-iette's favorite part of the celebration.

Poor Hare-iette had a rough night. First, she fell out of bed. She's not used to satin sheets. Then I accidently closed her ear in the door. OUCH!! Glad there were some big band-aids handy.

Still, she wanted to get up early because it was such a nice day. She looks out the front window at the lovely fall scene.

I wanted to make up to her for hurting her ear so I took her out for hot chocolate while everyone else was still asleep. We stopped and had our hot chocolate in the park by the lovely Susquehana river. What a beautiful day!

On our way home we saw a sign "Bears for Sale" and went in. This lady had a truly awesome display of bears. Unfortunately my camera card was full with the birthday pix but I will go back soon and take some. While there we adopted Beatrice.

Hare-iette and Beatrice are getting along famously! They are becoming best friends...... Hare-iette wants a dress like Bea's. Eeekk I can't sew that well!

Click to see her help me out.