It's Shindig day!! I wore my very bestest Americana dress.

There it is!! There it is!! Hey that's the BACK that you see from the road.

Our first scheduled activity was a signing with Amy French. On the way there we had to go by this chicken coop. It was full of Henriettas and Archie Strutncrows. They were so noisy you couldn't hear yourself think.

Here we are with Amy. She designs most of the Boyds resin pieces. She is so nice ... and really pretty.

I finally got to meet Jennifer Bearington and her Mom, Kimberle.

Tracker Teddy and I got to play for a long time.

Another new friend

Here I am with a REALLY big bear.

Here I am with Amysta, Libby and Rebel.

I made another new friend. This is Donna T.

...and more new friends

I found some of my relatives up in the baby dept. It was nice to visit with them but I'm so happy I'm adopted and don't have to spend all day there trying to look cute and waiting for adoption.

Then I met Barbara and Molly. Molly said she is a collector in training

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