A Day at the Finger Lakes

Mom took me for a ride. She said we were going to the Finger Lakes Region. Isn't that a funny name? Well, Mom explained that they call it that because there are several long narrow lakes in the area and if you look at a map they look like fingers on the map of New York state.
Mom thinks this stretch of route 20 is one of the prettiest parts of the state. I haven't seen all parts of the state yet but I think she might be right.

The hills are magnificent but you can't stop to take pictures in the best places. It's too dangerous when there's traffic.

Mom said there are a lot of apple orchards around here. She said we would stop on the way back so I could see an apple tree up close. I was thinking "booooring" but figured she'd forget by the time we came back.
When we got to Skaneateles it was really busy. There were sidewalk sales all over town.

After a little shopping we went to the lake.

This sure is a pretty spot.

It was too late in the day to take the boat ride but Mom promised we'd do that next time we came out.I've never been on a boat.

Here I am in the gazebo near where you get on the boat.

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