Jamboree 2005

This is Hare-iette at the keyboard. Mom said I could write these pages because I had such a good time.
We arrived early the day before the Jamboree. We rushed to BBC. It seemed we had been waiting FOREVER to meet CBQ. Finally, there she was, all the way from Minnesota!

And she had brought Jessica along. Jessica is just soo cute. I wanted to hug her all the time.

They had a new family member with them. That's Berly with me and Jessica.

Here's a whole bunch of us.

We met Melinda inside.

We found Lynne and Rick and arranged to meet for dinner at the Gingerbread House. The area was crowded and we had trouble finding a place to park. We rode around and around and in and out. Mom was getting mad because a car stayed right behind us so she couldn't turn around. Just when she was saying some words that I'm not allowed to say, the car pulled up next to us...it was Lynne and Rick. Oh my goodness, we got a good laugh out of that! Here we are in the restaurant.

This is me in the restaurant.

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