Hare-iette's Fabulous Find

This is Hare-iette's Mom at the keyboard.
Hare-iette came hopping in my room with her hands ...er paws....behind her back. She seemed excited.

She said, "Mom, if you find something and keep it, is it OK or is it like stealing"?
I said, "Well, Hare-iette, if you found something, that means someone lost it and may want it back. Maybe you should tell me what you found"
Hare-iette looked disappointed, but she plopped her find on my bed.

Oooooh my goodness, how cute is that? I asked Hare-iette where she found it. She said it was down near the main road. She had asked at a nearby house if it was their kitten and it wasn't. I told Hare-iette she would have to try to find where it came from, but, in the meantime, she had to take care of it because it was such a little baby.

Hare-iette got to work taking care of the kitten. She hopped down to the store and bought some kitten chow. She even paid with her own money!!

She set out food and water and the little guy dug right in.

Hare-iette found a nice basket to make a bed for him.

The kitten tried it out immediately.

Hare-iette played with the kitten.

...and played some more

Click to see if Hare-iette finds the kitten's owner.

The Adventures of Hare-iette C Hopplebuns, PartIII, page 5
Copyright Carol Bastian, 2005
All rights reserved