Meeting the Collectors

The first of our pre-Christmas activities was the meeting of the CNY fobs (Friends of Boyds)
We met on Dec 5th in Oswego, NY. Oswego is one of the snow capitals of the Northeast. Amazing!! It was 50 degrees and no snow or rain...a really beautiful day!

I didn't even hassel Hare-iette to wear her coat. Here she sits outside Harbor Town Gifts where we were meeting.
Yes, she finally did talk me into getting her a new Christmas dress.

Most of the ladies were already in the store adopting bears and picking out Christmas presents. Hare-iette had to hug everyone. Here she is with Carleen and our newest member Sim. Sim is especially partial to bunnies.

Next she had to greet Vicky and Gail. Here Vicky gives Hare-iette a Christmas treat made especially for her, carrots and veggies.

Finally Renee and Getty arrived. This picture shows Robin, Kelley and Getty with his Mom, Renee.

This man works in the store. He asked to have his picture taken with Hare-iette and Getty.

Hare-iette and Getty got to sit outside and enjoy the nice weather while we finished shopping and catching up on the news.

Then it was time for a group picture. These are always fun, trying to get everyone together. Back row: Pat S, Carleen H with Hare-iette, Lynne G, Kelley F and Sim M. Front row: Getty, Renee S, Robin D and Vicky L.

The rest of the group was going to lunch but Hare-iette and I had to leave. Our dear cat Buddy was in the hospital and we wanted to go and bring him home. It was a short visit but we had a great time.

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