A Vermont Adventure

This is Hare-iette C Hopplebuns at the keyboard. I get to write another page! Of course Mom will correct my spelling.

In late fall Mom and Aunt Barb and I headed out on another adventure. This time in Vermont, a place called the Hugging Bear Inn. Actually I think hugging hares would be more fun but that was the name of the place.
We rode all the way up in rain and snow. Once we got to Vermont, we kept seeing signs telling us to watch out for moose, but I didn't see any.
We arrived cold and tired and hungry but when we went in the Inn we forgot about that and just couldn't believe all the bears in that place.

There were bears in the entry way

There were bears in the library

on the stairs

in the beds

on the bedspreads

the shower curtain

the clock

the tissue holder

the light switch

the walls

By the time we finished the tour of the big old Inn, we remembered we were hungry and headed across the street to another Inn that served dinner. We relaxed a while by the fireplace before going in to dinner.

Mom left the dining room for a few minutes so I ordered my favorite beverage. Mom is still trying to figure out why they always put cherries in my iced tea. tee hee hee

After dinner we went back to our inn and went to sleep. I don't know about Mom and Aunt Barb, but I dreamed of bears aaaaallll night.

for more of our adventure.