Jamboree 2004

We got a very early start for Gettysburg. Hare-iette was still half asleep as she trudged to the car.

We arrived early enough to spend some time at BBC the day before the jamboree. I'm so glad we did. We met so many new and old friends. First ones we met were Nancy and Bubba. Bubba was easy to recognize in his cool biker outfit.

Hare-iette and Bubba had some time to play and get acquainted.

Hare-iette was invited to a picnic by some bears. She was surprised that they ate so much honey. I guess honey is for bears what ice cream is for children.

Hare-iette met one of her cousins who was working at the flower cart.

Hare-iette finally got to meet Harriet.

and Gabby's grandma, Mary Ann.

Finally Sebastian arrived with Lynne and Rick. Hare-iette was so happy to see Sebastian again.
Oh no, they're at it again ....kissy facin'.

Oh course Hare-iette insisted we follow Sebastian around after that. Here she is with Lynne and Barb and Sebastian.

Hare-iette and Sebastian went to find Bubba and they all played together.

Then it was time to meet more new friends....Blossom and Dori. When we met them there was also a big bear there with his Mom ...Billy and Margaret. Here's group picture of the "kids".
Front row: Billie, Bubba and Sebastian
back row: Hare-iette and Blossom.

Another pic of the new friends

Then we had pix of all of us...the "kids" and their Mom's. We were having such fun taking pix that we were attracting a crowd. People were actually taking pix of us taking pix. People we didn't even know were taking our picture. What fun!

We had to go to the motel to get cleaned up for diner and the evening activities.
Click to see pix of the dinner and rest of evening.