Hare-iette Meets Sebastian

In case you haven't heard of Sebastian, he is a very famous bear. He is a representative of the Boyds Bear Company. For the past year he has been traveling all over the continental United States visiting collectors, sharing their lives and seeing the local sites. He finally came to New York State. He is staying with collector Lynne G and her husband Rick in Oswego. We got to meet him at last!!!

Hare-iette was so excited that she got me to leave an hour early, then she was upset that we had to wait so long for him to arrive.

Finally! There he was!!!!

Wow, what a charmer he is! He got all dressed up just to meet Hare-iette.

He'd brought flowers for Hare-iette.

Time for a group photo before dinner. Left to right are Carol, Hare-iette, Kelly, Renee, Robin, Lynne, Vicky holding Sebastian, Pat.

At dinner we all signed Sebastian's autograph book.

Hare-iette had brought a present for Sebastian, a Syracuse University tee-shirt.

Then we all signed the back of his shirt.

Hare-iette and Sebastian sat together for dinner but neither one could eat much.

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