Hare-iette Hits Omaha

This is HARE-IETTE C HOPPLEBUNS at the keyboard. Mom said that since this was my biggest adventure so far, I could write the page. But Mom insists on correcting my spelling.
As you saw on the last page I traveled to Omaha in a box. I really didn't mind. You may not know this,but when rabbits get terribly stressed they can go into a trance. Well, I've learned to do the trance thing whenever I want. So, I got in the box, went into my trance and woke up when Aunt Scootsie opened the box.
I got to Omaha a couple of days before Mom. Aunt Scootsie and her aide drove me all over Omaha to see the sites. We drove thru Boys Town, the Old Market and some neighborhoods with really huge expensive houses. We went to the museum and a pretty park and Creighton University where Aunt Scoots and her Dad went. Then a great trip to the zoo. They have a rain forest and a desert place, as well as regular zoo stuff. There's even a place you go in and all kinds of birds are flying loose in there. I sure wish I had a camera. Maybe I'll get one next Christmas.

Boy, Omaha is a nice. I was freezing my little hopplebuns at home in central NY but it's been between and 80 and 90 degrees since I got here.

Finally it was time for the fly-in. I was really disappointed that I didn't get to go to the airport to meet Mom. But I had promised to be good and not whine or pester. So I stayed at the condo and waited.
Well, I waited and waited and Mom never showed. Finally Aunt Mary arrived from Oklahoma. She was the only one coming by car.
I was getting worried. Where was Mom? I even climbed the tree to be able to see further down the road.

Aunt Scootsie finally came back with the others and still no Mom.

I was so worried that when Mom did arrive, I just hugged her so hard.

Here's what happened. Mom and Aunt Roomie and Debbie, Scootsie's aide, were coming in the car Mom rented. Well, leaving the parking garage, Mom accidently went over one of those things that puts holes in your tires.... 2 flat tires before they were a mile from the airport. Thank goodness Debbie had a cell phone and called the rental car place. They finally sent someone out to rescue Mom and the others. They got another car but Mom was so unstrung that she wanted Debbie to drive. Debbie is from Omaha and knows the way and is used to driving in the city. So they hopped in the car and went to Council Bluffs, Iowa. So much for the local lady knowing the way........ Probably wasn't nice of me but I laughed and laughed. Mom did too, after an hour or so.

This is the car they wound up with. Look at the license plate! I'm really in Nebraska!!

Now let me introduce you to the group. In this picture, in the back, is Hunterswife aka Mary from Oklahoma, Sandee from Illinois, and Luckylady2 from Oregon. In front are Mule2 (Mom) and me from New York, Scootsie from Omaha and Galup aka Roomie from Michigan. These ladies are part of a group who met on the internet about 8 years ago and have a fly-in every year, altho not all the same people come every year.

There are only a few reasons these ladies come here: to talk, to laugh and to eat.....well, maybe a little shopping .... but mostly to just enjoy each other's company.

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