Getting Ready for Omaha

Hare-iette really got herself in trouble with that clothesline episode. She was grounded for a week.
It was a nice for her when my neighbor, Sandy came to visit. But Sandy did give her a good talking to about her behavior.

Sandy brought her friends Raggedy Ann and Andy to play with Hare-iette.

Finally!!! It was time to get ready to go to Omaha.I got Hare-iette a new outfit. She was delighted. She'd been wanting a pair of capri pants.

I even let her come to the hairdresser with me. Tami gave her a really nice ear-do.

Now to get the clothes packed.

Hare-iette was going out ahead of me. I would meet her there on Friday. I was sure Scootsie would take good care of her until I arrived.
Hare-iette didn't mind traveling by UPS hare removal service. She was just so happy to be going to a new place and to be meeting my friends.
She climbed right in her box and settled down for the trip.

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The Adventures of Hare-iette C Hopplebuns, Part II, page 6
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