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They really are awfully cute when you get used to having so many of them around.

Baby Hare-y has been exploring and he met a neighbor.

I took Hare-iette out to Waterloo to meet some of the Central NY FoBs (Friends of Boyds) We both had a really good time. Such nice ladies!!

Young hares grow up so fast! They are teeneagers already! Left to right: Hare-y and Har-reen (the twins), Hare-iette (Mom), Hare-lette and Hare-leen(the youngest).

Hare-leen is modeling her new dress for the family. She has her first date this weekend, it's a bunny-hop.

Hare-iette has new jeans and tee-shirt for the trip to Gettysburg. She just can't wait to get there.

for pix of our trip to Boyds Bear Country !