The Easter Egg Hunt

Hare-iette needed a little refreshment before starting the Easter Egg Hunt.

Now to see if Hare-iette could find the Easter Eggs that were hidden around the house.
There's one! Way under the couch.

Here's another one in the kitchen cabinet!

She didn't find one behind her Grandmother's chair but she pretty near pushed Grandma out of the chair when she climbed up.

Another one in the dryer!

She finally found all the eggs. She was so tired, she fell asleep in the chair in her good clothes. Doesn't she look sweet?

The day after Easter I had to do an errand in a part of Syracuse that I wasn't familiar with. I'd been teaching Hare-iette to read a map and she did a great job finding the way.

I don't care if they DID skip out on your Easter Parade. You can NOT do THAT to them!!!

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The Adventures of Hare-iette C Hopplebuns, PartII, page 5
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