The Easter Parade

Finally the parade began. First it went along the front sidewalk. Hare-y and Hare-reen went last so they could help Hare-lette with her wagon load of children.

Then down the stairs.

Across the driveway and up the stairs of the deck.

And up to the top of the deck.

And finally a group photo on the deck. What a nice parade.Hare-iette did a great job and all the bunnies and hares had a good time.

Wait!! Who is that bunny in the flower pot??? Where did he come from?

Wasn't he in the kitchen this morning too...with the Easter baskets? Who is he??? Oooooh no, he couldn't be! Could he? Noooo, the Easter Bunny would be bigger....Wouldn't he? Hare-iette knows the Easter Bunny, but she would never tell. Nooo, he couldn't be least I don't think so.........

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The Adventures of Hare-iette C Hopplebuns, PartII, page 4
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