Hare-iette got an Easter card. It was actually addressed to her! It's the first piece of mail she ever got that was addressed to her. She loves the card and is going to save it and the envelope forever and ever. It was from Prince Charming, Chelsea and Shadow, 3 cats who live with my friends Marian and Don.

Easter Morning

Everyone rushed to the kitchen on Easter morning to see if the Easter Bunny had come.
Sure enough! He'd been here.
There was a basket of candy for me and Mom, a basket of plastic eggs filled with candy and coins for Hare-iette and the hares, and Donna Duck for me!

After church, I asked Hare-iette to pose for a special Easter picture. She did, but she was in a hurry.

Hare-iette was putting on an Easter Parade and had to plan out the route.

Once the route was set, she had to get all the hares and bunnies together.That was one tough job. They were hopping all over the place and it was impossible to tell if anyone was missing. Finally she got them all together on the front steps.

No, wait, Hare-y and Hare-reen are missing. Those twins are always late! Oh, there they are now.

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