More Pre-Easter Activity

Finally! Hare-iette got to wear her Easter outfit. We were going to meet the bear collectors and she wanted to look her best.

We met at the outlet mall in Waterloo and had lunch together in the food court.
Here are Gail, Vicki, Kelly and Lynne.

And here are Renee, Cindy, Robin and Hare-iette.

This is Hare-iette after she spoke to the ladies (for the first time) and then handed out Easter treats. I knew she was nervous but she got through it just fine.

After lunch we all went to Country Clutter. Some of the ladies hadn't gotten their exclusive bear yet.
Hare-iette sat patiently and visited with the little bears while we shopped.

Lynne found a new friend that just hung on to her and insisted on following her home.

It was cold and windy so we all headed home early.
When we got home, Hare-iette got out of her Easter outfit and relaxed with Tiffy. They have made up and are the best of friends again.

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