The Adventures of Hare-iette C. Hopplebuns - Part II

Getting Ready for Easter

Hare-iette has been very busy getting ready for Easter. She said that since she is a hare, it's up to her to make sure everything is just right for the holiday.

First she put out some nice flowers to brighten up the house.

She checked on the little bunnies to be sure they were OK and that they were keeping their decoration in good condition.

On to the big bunnies an hares.... They are learning to put together nice Easter baskets. They are going to help the Easter Bunny get baskets ready for Easter morning delivery.

Hare-iette then came to me all upset. She said,"Mom, Hopsie and Hoppy Sue can NOT go out on Easter like that. Hopsie has winter clothes on and Hoppy Sue is still in her nightgown. We have to get them something appropriate to wear.

Ok, so off we went to find new clothes for the girls.
We were passing right by Mama Bear's and stopped in so Hare-iette could say hi to her cousin, Peyton, who is there waiting to get adopted. She told me that all the big hares are named Peyton, girls as well as boys, then it's up to the adoptive parents to give them a more appropriate name.
Here they are having a nice chat.

We went to Build-a-Bear because they have a good selection of clothes for bears and hares. Actually they have the ONLY selection of clothes for bears and hares that I know of in this area.
Mercedes came right over to help and took Hare-iette to where the clothes were.

First, she looked through the piles of jeans and tee-shirts. She picked out SU tee-shirts for Bouncer and Bounder. We'll save those until they get a little bigger.

Hare-iette called me over to see what she had found ...the cutest little briefs for little boy hares. We got some of those too.

Next she looked through the racks and finally found dresses for the girls and some cute underwear as well.

I must admit, the girls look much nicer in their new dresses.

Click to see us meet with the bear collectors.

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Copyright 2004 Carol Bastian
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