Waiting and Worrying

Several days went by without any word from Bouncy. Hare-iette was getting worried.
By the end of the 5th day, poor Hare-iette couldn't do anything but pace back and forth.

By the following morning Hare-iette was sure that something really terrible had happened to Bouncy. All she could do was cry and blame herself for letting such a little bunny go so far away. I tried everything I could think of to reassure her but nothing worked. She just cried and cried.

Finally the e-mail came!!! Hare-iette almost knocked over the chair getting to the monitor to read it.

This is the e-mail she received.

Poor Hare-iette was very relieved.
She was exhausted from all the worrying she did.

A day or so later, Bouncy sent a picture she drew of herself. Great drawing for such a little one, isn't it? She looks happy too.

Hare-iette put Bouncy's drawing right up on the refrigerator.

Now the boys want to have something to put on the refrigerator. They got out pencils and paper and are waiting for me to teach them to draw. EEEKK !!! me??? draw????

Click to see Hare-iette getting ready for Easter.

The Adventures of Hare-iette C Hopplebuns Part I, page 24