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Visit to the dentist

Hare-iette had never been to the dentist before. It was time to take care of that. She was a little nervous. When we got there and she saw the fish tank, she forgot all about being nervous. She just sat and watched the fish.

Hare-iette's turn. I was so proud of her. She just hopped right in and up in the chair. Alice, the dental hygienist, explained what she was going to do.

Then she got to work checking and cleaning Hare-iette's teeth. She said Hare-iette was doing a great job brushing and flossing.

Dr Raicht came in and checked her too. Here he congratulates her. NO cavities! Hare-iette was very pleased and so was I.

Here we are with Rita, paying the bill. Later Hare-iette said that it looked like paying the bill hurt me a whole lot more than any treatment. She's a little imp sometimes. She also said she won't be nervous the next time she has to visit the dentist and all the other nice people there.

I was really proud of Hare-iette. She never cried or complained or fussed. So I took her to Denny's for lunch and told her she could order whatever she wanted. Of course she ordered a salad, since Denny's doesn't have donuts.

I gave her some money to play the animal machine. She likes to win animals and then give them to Toys for Tots at Christmas time. Today she didn't have any luck.

A little while ago I heard Hare-iette call me very softly. I went in the living room and she was scared to death. She whispered, "Mom, is Tiffy going to hurt me?". She has been afraid of Tiffy ever since Tiffy knocked her off her horse. I explained that Tiffy was just trying to tell her she wanted that chair.

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