January 2004

The holidays were over and Hare-iette had to exchange the new outfit she got for Christmas. It just didn't fit. I took her to the Family Dollar store. She had to wait a couple of minutes for someone to help her with the exchange.

Then Jamie and Candy both helped her pick out something else.

Hare-iette liked the first outfit, but she thinks the new one is "cool"

The weather has not been kind this year.

This has been a busy month for me. Mom's house has been sold and I had to get everything out of there. Hare-iette helped as much as she could. Here she keeps me company while I load stuff into the storage shed.

No matter how busy we are, Hare-iette always finds time for fun. Wheeeeeeeee!

Grandma helps her warm up with a big hug after sledding

A package! It came in the mail for Hare-iette.

Wow,it came directly from Disney World!! Pam and Dave sent her clothes with real Disney characters on them!

One day I was in the computer room and I heard; THUD! YOW! MOOOOOOOOOM !
I ran in the living room and Hare-iette was on the floor yelling "Tiffy knocked me off my horse!!"

I found Tiffy and started to yell at her. She opened one eye and muttered, "Tattletale" Then she closed her eye and went back to sleep. *sigh* How do you punish a cat?

It was cold and snowing hard. We rented the movie "Finding Nemo" and settled down to watch it and stay warm and cozy. Great movie!

The next morning Hare-iette looked out the back door at the newly fallen snow.

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