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Christmas Day!

Surprise #1

Christmas morning I was jarred awake by a scream that blew me right out of bed. I ran to the living room to see what had happened and there was Hare-iette, hands on face, shrieking and jumping up and down. She was happy, not hurt!

Now, if you have never heard a hare scream, you have missed one of life's truly ear-splitting experiences!
I actually had to shake her to get her to stop screaming and tell me what happened.
She gasped,"I didn't even ask him for it, but he knew!! He knew!! He brought it for me!
I looked over at the tree and right in front of it was......

She ran over and hopped on.

Well, Hare-iette wanted to spend the entire day on that horse. She didn't want to eat her goodies...or her dinner. She didn't want to try on her new outfit. She didn't want to read her new books. She just wanted to ride her horse.

She did get off to help us celebrate my Mom's 93rd birthday. She loves her Grandma.

Surprise #2

Hare-iette's sister called on the phone. She has been adopted and is living in Virginia AND her daughter was brought by Santa to a home in the same town! Hare-iette is sure Santa arranged for them to be together.

The twins, Hare-y and Hare-reen, came over and got a ride on the horse too.

Then Hare-lette and her children came and they all piled on that poor horse at the same time.

Strange, no one had seen or heard from Hare-leen since the day before Christmas eve. I was starting to get concerned. Where could she be that she wouldn't want to see us on Christmas?

Finally I heard the back door open and there was Hare-leen and her boyfriend, Professor Hoppenheimer and his son. (The professor is a widower.)

Surprise #3

CORRECTION: It was Hare-leen and her HUSBAND! They had eloped on Christmas eve!!!

Now for a picture of the whole family together.

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a........Hey!.......who is that rabbit on the horse???? I never saw him before.......Where did he come from????......and is that a MOOSE over there????......... Good Night!!!!

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