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All Rights Reserved

Christmas Eve!!

It all starts on Christmas eve at our house.

We awoke to a winter wonderland.

Hare-iette was anxious, she was snooping thru the presents whenever she thought I wasn't looking.

The tree was ready.

I let Hare-iette open one present early so she could enjoy it while waiting for Pat and Cubby to get here.

A neighbor stopped by

Pat and Cubby arrived, we got dinner in the oven and went to the evening Mass.

After dinner we finally opened our gifts!

Hare-iette was really happy. She got some nice things: a new outfit, a blanket, some books, ear ribbons, candy, carrots, cookies and a little figurine with bunnies.

She didn't waste any time eating the lollypop Grandma gave her.

When the excitement was over Hare-iette climbed up on my lap and I read to her : "Twas the night before Christmas and all thru the house....."

When I had finished the story. Hare-iette asked if I knew how she knew the Santa at the mall was the REAL Santa. Of course I didn't, so she told me a story about Boyds Bear Country that has never been told before!!

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