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At the Bowling Alley

It was time for the Christmas party at the bowling alley. I couldn't miss that even tho I'm not bowling this year.
Hare-iette didn't even know what bowling was, so I took her along to show her.
At first she was scared because it was so noisy. Then she saw Lucy and hopped right over and up on her lap. She really likes Lucy!

I showed her how to bowl but the ball was really too heavy for her.

Then she met the rest of the team. Here she is with Minnie

And Betty taught her how to keep score. She liked doing that. Her math is quite good.

The next day when I got home from grocery shopping, poor Hare-iette was sick

I made her some tea, got her in her pajamas and into to bed. It's Buddy's job to provide warmth and comfort to anyone who is sick. He is VERY good at his job.

By the next morning she was up and dressed and putting presents under the tree.

A day or 2 later she was well enough to go out with me to get a few last minute presents for my Mom.
We stopped for a snack at My Favorite Muffin and Bagel Shop. Hare-iette had trouble choosing just one muffin.

She finally decided on a cherry-cheesecake muffin. I like those too but that day I had a bagel instead.

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