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Visit to the Mall

Hare-iette wanted to speak to Santa Claus.
Grandma finally told her she could wear her Christmas dress. Hmmm I wonder why she calls my Mom Grandma, but she doesn't call me Mom? Oh well, what's in a name?

When we got to the mall, Hare-iette hopped straight over to the Angel tree. I had to boost her up so she could select a name.

Then on to see Santa. Let me tell you I had one excited hare on my hands! She could NOT stand still. She was hopping all over the place. She was sure this was the REAL Santa Claus. How lucky can a little hare be?
When her turn came, she hopped right over and up on Santa's lap. Then she didn't know what to say.

Santa talked to her til she felt at ease, then she whispered her Christmas wishes to him.
I asked her what she asked Santa for and she wouldn't tell me.

Here she is in front of the mall Christmas display.

A TRAIN! and little ones could ride on it! She had to have a ride.

Next she hopped over to the Salvation Army kettle and scrambled right up on it so she could put her dollar in. She'd been saving that dollar to buy candy at Cracker Barrel. What a sweet hare she is!

We met these nice ladies who were collecting for service dogs. They thought that Hare-iette was really cute.

This is a real working service dog. He helps a lady in a wheelchair. He let us take his picture with Hare-iette.

Time to go to Cracker Barrel for supper.
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