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FOB Day (friends of Boyds)

Finally it's time to meet the Central NY FOB group again.
Hare-iette got up early and spent some time with Tiffy before getting ready to go.

This time we met at Mama Bears in Fayetteville, NY
Hare-iette posed with Elizabeth and Debbie, the owner.

I put Hare-iette in a highchair so she could see but not get in the way of all of us shopping.

Then she saw it!!! She just had to have a ride!

She was having such a good time, everyone was watching her and chuckling...even the big teddy bear.

We were able to shop without interruption.
This is Renee picking out presents.

Here's Robin gettin acquainted with Big Ted. In the background you can see Carleen and her husband.

I thought Hare-iette's poor little hare heart would break when it was time to leave the rocking horse. She actually begged me to buy it for her...but it was soooo expensive.

Hare-iette was so sad but she didn't create a scene at all. She is such a good hare. Besides it was time for lunch and she always has a good appetite.
We went to Kirby's. Here you see Kelly, Robin, Ryan, Brian, Carleen and the back of Pat's head.

Here you see the back of Brian's head, Carleen, Lynne, Hare-iette, Renee and Kelly.

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