The Adventures of
Hare-iette C. Hopplebuns

Part I

Hare-iette settles into her new home

4th of July and some surprises

The kids and the collectors

Trip to Boyds Bear Country in Gettysburg, PA

Trip to Unadilla

Hare-iette takes care of me

Hare-iette celebrates my Birthday and Halloween

We go shopping with the collectors

Thanksgiving and the Bear Adventure

Hare-iette visits Santa, the mall and Cracker Barrel

Hare-iette has an early Christmas in Unadilla

Hare-iette goes to the bowling alley and catches a cold.

Christmas Eve

Hare-iette tells her Christmas story (2003)

Christmas Surprises

A cold and snowy January

Hare-iette goes to the dentist.

Another Litter

Leaving the Nest

Waiting for News


Getting Ready for Easter

Pre-Easter FOB Meeting

Easter Morning

Easter Parade

Easter Egg Hunt

Getting Ready to Travel

Hare-iette visits Omaha

Hare-iette Meets Sebastian

Hare-iette goes to Physical Therapy


Jamboree 2004

An Adventure in Vermont

Pre-Christmas 2004

Christmas Eve

Percy's Story (Christmas 2004)

Christmas Day


Hare-iette's Fabulous Find

Jamboree 2005

A Trip to the Finger Lakes

Smoky Mountains, Tennessee

Shindig in the Smokies 2005

The Date

Christmas Season 2005

Ivan's Story (Christmas 2005)


Jamboree 2006

Christmas 2006

Igor's Story (Christmas 2006)

James' Story

Visit to a Teddy bear Factory

At the Wildflower Farm

the Hugging Bear Inn

Twinkle's Story (Christmas 2007)

Christmas Activities 2008

Amelia's Story (Christmas 2008)

A visit to Amish Country

Carla's Story (Christmas 2009)