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The Date
A few days ago I was going out to dinner with a gentleman friend. Hare-iette wanted to go along but I told her, "No."

When I got home she was still pouting and wanted to know why she couldn't go.

Me: "Hare-iette, it was a lady, one gentleman and that's all."
Hare-iette: *looking astounded* "A date"?
Me: "Yes, Hare-iette, a date."
Hare-iette: *almost screaming* "Mom! You're going to have a litter!!!???"
Me: *shocked* "No!! Hare-iette, I am NOT going to have a litter."
Hare-iette: *looking very doubtful* "Every time I have a date I have a litter. I thought it was automatic."
Me: "Hare-iette, that is one BIG difference between hares and humans."

I thought about that for a few minutes, then I asked,

"Hare-iette, was that a date when you had lunch with that big white hare in Pigeon Forge?"
"Yes, Mom."
"When, Hare-iette?"
"The little ones should be here in about a week."

*GROAN* I guess I'd better dig out the bunny beds and blankets...again.

Sure enough. Right on schedule.

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