Christmas Season 2008

This is Hare-iette at the keyboard. I just have to tell my friends about my exciting trip.

First Mom and I went to visit Aunt Pam and Uncle Dave. It was Aunt Pam's birthday so we took presents. I love to give presents, especially when Mom pays for them.

First thing we had to do was go to a Christmas tree decorating class. I kinda wondered about that. Everybody I know decorates a tree and none of them took lessons.
EGADS look what we have to do! They gave us this cone and a pile of branches and we had to make a pretty tree out of that mess. Why does Mom keep getting me into these things? She loves this stuff but I don't.

Aunt Pam was really working hard on her tree. When I called her, it startled her. I get the feeling she doesn't love this stuff either.

Wow! Aunt Pam's tree came out nice!

Everyone said mine was good, for a little hare, anyway. I think they were just glad I didn't eat the branches instead of making a tree out of them.

That night we went out to dinner for Aunt Pam's birthday. Mom and Aunt Pam were thinking about something exciting for tomorrow. Now to see what Uncle Dave says. I was pretending to be coloring while they discussed it.

I was getting really anxious and I wasn't even sure I could be part of it.

Woweee!! He said yes. They're going to New York City tomorrow!!! I hope I'm going. I've got a couple of hours to work on Mom.

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