Seeing Friends for Christmas

This is Hare-iette C Hopplebuns at the keyboard. Mom's really busy so I get to write a few pages.

Finally!! The big day is here! I've been waiting for this for months. Today is the day I get to wear my beautiful new dress that Mom got me in Tennessee last September. Do I look great or what????

Our Christmas season started with our get-together with the bear collectors. It had been a long time since we had seen these ladies. Sure was nice to meet again. Here we were opening presents while we waited for Vicki, who was stuck in traffic up by the mall. This is Lynne, Sim, Renee and Robin. Aunt Sim gave me a beautiful sweater. If this weather holds out, I can wear that and never have to wear my ugly coat.

This is Kelley, me and Doris.

Wow, look at that pile of presents waiting for Vicki. I thought I should help her out and open some for her, so she won't have to do them all herself. Mom didn't like that idea at all. Sure sounded good to me tho.

Here we all are after dinner. In front are Doris, Mom, me, Lynne and Robin. In back are Vicki. Sim, Renee and Kelley.


YEA!! It finally snowed.

The snow didn't last very long but it inspired me and Mom to get the outside lights up.

Mom had some great things planned for us this Christmas season.
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