Percy's Story
copyright Carol Bastian 2005
all rights reserved

Percy's Story

Curly, cuddly, full of life and joy, that described the teddy bear named Percy. He lived at Boyds Bear Country (BBC) at the same time Hare-iette lived there. Hare-iette liked Percy. Everyone liked Percy. Percy was about 15 inches tall with curly tan fur. He always wore a plaid bow around his neck. Percy had a frozen shoulder, and even he didn't know how that happened. He had always been that way, and had learned to get along just fine with limited use of his left arm. Percy was a very private bear. He never told anyone what he was doing or how he felt. In some ways he was a very strange bear.

Everyone knew that Percy sneaked out at night. Going out without a human was forbidden. It was simply too dangerous for a little critter to be out alone. But every night shortly after closing, Percy sneaked out and never came back until around midnight. If anyone asked how he got out or what he did, he simply smiled, and went on his way.

Percy tried to earn money by running errands for the people who worked at BBC. When he had money, he would be seen buying food and taking it away in a little bag. This was very strange behavior. All the critters at the big red barn got plenty to eat and even treats. They didn't need to buy food. When asked why he bought the food, Percy simply smiled and went on his way.

And, strangest of all, Percy did NOT want to be adopted. Hare-iette and the most of the other bears and hares couldn't wait to go to their permanent homes, but not Percy. When prospective parents came around, Percy would hide behind all the other little bears, and try not to be noticed. This strange behavior had been going on for months and by now, no one paid much attention.

Then one night, a couple of days before Christmas, Percy came to Hare-iette, and said he needed a favor, he needed help. Hare-iette is always glad to help out. Percy said he needed a big hare to help him get a Christmas tree. Hare-iette would have to sneak out with him after closing. Now, Hare-iette is a sweet hare and will always help if she can, but she is curious. She told Percy she would help, but he would have to tell her what was going on. Percy said he would tell her the whole story on the way to the woods to get a tree.

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