Jamboree Weekend 2006

It's a long ride to Gettysburg. Felt good to get out of the car.

Well what do you know? A new friend for me, and she's staying at our motel. This is me with Riva, she's a moose. She's really nice and so is her Mom. We're going to get along just fine.

Off to Bear Country! We met a bunch of friends before we even got inside. Here I am with Sim and her daughter, Heather, and Nancy M.

And here I am with Lynne, Rick, Sim, Bethy P, Nancy M and Renee.

We went inside and ran into Rose and Ralph.

Then we met this nice boy and his parents. His name is Joseph, and he has read my webpages. Here we are with his parents.

As soon as we got out back, I found my friends Blossom and Tracker. Boy, it was good to see them again. We stopped to get a picture of all of us kids and our Moms. Left to right Cheryl and Riva, Mom and me, Dierdre and Tracker, Dori and Blossom.

Before we knew it, we were a crowd. Here you see Libby(WV), Cheryl and Riva(MS), Bonnie(LV), Dierdre and Tracker(NC), Dee B(CA)holding me, Chris M(LI), Janis I(CA),Carolyn R(LI), Renee S (NY), Carol B (Mom)NY, Dori D and Blossom(PA).

Then we met Andrea. She thought I was cute.

Blossom brought me a present! I wonder how she knew my birthday was coming? I never told anyone. Wow, great stuff in this bag!

Time for the fireworks. I only saw a few fireworks once, when my neighbors had them. Mom brought the lawn chair, and I settled down on her lap to watch.




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