Igor's Story
Copyright Carol Bastian, 2007
All rights reserved

Igor's Story

Chapter One - The Letter

       One afternoon, shortly before Christmas, Hare-iette was playing a game on the computer. She heard banging on the window and looked up. There was a great big black bird out there with a piece of paper in his beak. Hare-iette opened the window and said,
ďWhatís all the noise about? What do you want?Ē

      The bird hopped over to her and extended itís head, pushing the paper towards her. Hare-iette took it. It was a letter addressed to her. How strange! Hare-iette couldnít believe what she read.

Dear Hare-iette,
       I have a big problem with a childís Christmas wish. I think you might be just the one to help me. Youíd have to come up here where I am staying. I think you could do what needs doing tomorrow.
      Iíll have you home for Christmas Eve. I really need your help, Hare-iette. Please tell Edgar, the raven who delivered this letter, whether or not you can come.
      If you are coming, Iíll send someone to pick you up at 3:00 this afternoon. Bring warm clothes and whatever you need to stay overnight.
      Donít forget to tell your mother that you will be with me. Iíll be sure you are perfectly safe.
Big hugs for you, my dear little hare.
                     Santa Claus

      Hare-iette was very excited. She ran to find me and tell me, but I wasnít home. Grandma was asleep. Hare-iette got her things together and had a snack. By that time it was almost 3:00. She decided to leave me a note.

Dear Mom,
      Iíve gone to help Santa Claus. Iíll be back for Christmas eve.
Love and bunny hugs, Hare-iette

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