Amelia's Story
Copyright Carol Bastian, 2009
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Amelia's Story

How It Started

This is Hare-iette's Mom at the keyboard.

I just knew Hare-iette was going to have her little hare-heart broken, but I couldn't refuse to let her go. You see, one of the the churches in town was going to put on a big Christmas production. It would include a children's choir, high school choir, high school orchestra and a pageant. Hare-iette really wanted to take part. I wanted her to go. Hare-iette is home schooled, so it's good for her to have a chance to be with other youngsters.

Hare-iette loves to sing. She sings very enthusiastically, and very loudly. The problem is that Hare-iette is a hare, and has a very squeaky voice, and she can rarely sing on key. I was so afraid they wouldn't take her, or that the children would make fun of her.

So it was, with heavy heart, that I dropped her and her friend, Lisa, off at the church hall. Lisa's mother was going to pick them up and bring them home. I checked to be sure that Hare-iette had her cell phone. I told her to call me if she needed me. Hare-iette giggled, "I'm a big girl, Mom. I can try out for the choir by myself." She scampered off to catch up with Lisa. I checked that my cell phone was on, and drove home, worrying,

The afternoon passed and there was no call from Hare-iette. Finally, I heard a car pull in. I looked out and it was Lisa's mother dropping Hare-iette off. I was ready to hug her and try to cheer her up.

Hare-iette ran up the stairs in jumped into my arms. "Oh Mom, it was so great! Wait 'til I tell you about it. It was awesome!"

I was more than a little surprised, but very, very happy.

"What happened, Hare-iette?"

"Well, there's this nice lady in charge. Her name is Amelia Ross but we can call her Amelia. I call her Miss Amelia tho, like you taught me. It turned out that we didn't have to try out. If we wanted to sing in the choir we could. I got a spot right in the front row because I'm so short. Then we tried some Christmas Carols. I guess we weren't too good. We had to practice a lot. She even rearranged us so people with high voices were together and people with low voices were together. Then we practiced some more."

"We had a break for cookies and juice. There's one boy who is kinda mean. He was picking on me and pulling my ears. I told him I'm a personal friend of Santa Claus, and he'd better quit it or he'd be getting coal for Christmas. He just laughed at me". Hare-iette stopped and looked at me, "Mom, what IS coal anyway?" I howled with laughter and explained what it is.

Hare-iette continued, "During snack time, Miss Amelia came over and told me she needed help. Of course, I'd help. Just as she was about to explain, that mean kid, Peter, sneaked over and pulled my tail. I turned around fast, my big hare foot got him behind his knee and knocked him right on the floor. I turned back to Miss Amelia. She looked like she was trying very hard not to laugh. She pretended she didn't see what happened. Peter didn't bother me anymore today."

"Anyway, Miss Amelia said she heard I was a really good reader. She needed a good reader to sit at the piano and turn pages for Mrs Watts. I said I'd do it. Then she told me I wouldn't be able to sing if I sat at the piano. It might distract Mrs Watts. I was disappointed, but I agreed. After all there will be a lot of kids singing, but only me turning the pages. Then Mis Amelia told me I could sing my heart out with the choir during the finale. The high school choir is going to join us and the high school orchestra is going to play. Isn't this exciting?? I can't wait for Christmas. Oh, and I got a part in the pageant too. I get to be a shepherd and there will be REAL animals in the pageant. I'm so excited!! I gotta go e-mail Allanna and Natalie!"

Hare-iette raced to the computer room and I collapsed on a chair. I was so relieved. What a great person this Miss Amelia must be. She arranged it so Hare-iette wouldn't spoil the choir and still made her feel special. She'll even get to sing in the finale. With all those people and an orchestra, I don't imagine that even Hare-iette's voice will stand out. I definitely have to meet this woman and thank her.

That's how it all began. Hare-iette was having a wonderful time. Some unusual things startrd to happen around then. I never learned the whole story until Christmas Eve, when Hare-iette climbed on my lap and told me the whole story of her Christmas Adventure.

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